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Filmed:04 Oct 2007
Posted:11 Oct 2007
By: Catalin Ghita
Doua autobuze (de fapt midibuze) Autosan in statia Gara CFR
-> B21491-InStatiaGara.MOV (19 sec - 9.3 MB);
-> B32398-PleacaDeLaGara.MOV (23 sec - 11.2 MB).
Filmed:04 Oct 2007
Posted:11 Oct 2007
By: Catalin Ghita
Trei autobuze DAC 117 se misca prin garaj
-> VN01REY-InGaraj.MOV (10 sec - 5.0 MB);
-> VN02CPK-InGaraj.MOV (14 sec - 6.7 MB);
-> VN02CPL-InGaraj.MOV (11 sec - 5.5 MB).

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